Born in NY in 1904, Spiewak has always made high quality reliable products to serve workers in their daily lives. Today, the brands mission remains the same: to serve and protect people in this ever-changing and challenging world, while being there to dress people from streetwear to


For over a century, Spiewak has built products to last and meet the needs of those that make society function. From early 20th century Brooklyn dockworkers to the fire departments and transportation workers of today, this dedication to reliability in every product manufactured continues to serve as the foundation to our approach to design and inspires our commitments to the world.

This century we face a different set of challenges than those of Issac Spiewak and his sons 117 years ago. Evolving what he started, we drive innovation in materials that are built to endure against the elements and provide the protection with a truly American touch. We are still inspired by Michael Spiewak’s words: “My great grandfather was a man of strong principles. He wouldn’t compromise on the jackets he made. He believed that by using quality fabrics, the best trimmings, and stronger seams he could give our customers the hard-working garments that they needed, so they would come back for more.”